2015 - 2018
Placeholder series is a long-term visual study which is based on non-places, placelessness and transitional landscapes concepts. Selections from the series were exhibited in my first solo show Placeholder which was curated by Melis Golar in Middle East Technical University in 2016. A selection of photos from the series were exhibited in Mamut Art Project and BASE New Artist Platform group shows in 2017. A year later another selection from the series was exhibited by Subjectively Objective in Detroit in 2018 and also printed as a monograph

Placeholder presents us with different locations and traces that point to man’s alteration to terra firma, through Mert’s photography. The photographs allow us to view the artist’s journey; meanwhile, dividing into layers the transformation of the landscape. They reveal the points of convergence and separation between the roads. The artist records, through photography, the means of mankind’s invasion of Earth, and recaptures these hybridized spaces. The series questions a story that transforms and redefines landscapes; in short, a story of humanhood, through the spaces that we inhabit and the way we touch them.*

*Text by Melis Golar from the first exhibition of the series

Other Works