Mert Acar (b. 1989, Ankara) is a contemporary artist from Turkey. His artistic practice revolves around lens-based media and installation art. He directs his focus towards the architectural and landscape elements found within transitional spaces, where the border between space and place become hazy. He graduated with a BFA in Graphics from Hacettepe University in 2012. During his BFA, he studied at Saint-Luc Liège in Belgium as an exchange student for one semester. He then completed his MFA in the Painting Department at Gazi University in 2017 and his DFA at the same institution in 2023. He is based in Ankara and works as a lecturer. He's represented by Vision Art Platform in Istanbul.
Ongoing Shows
2024 Ağaçlar Konuşunca / Cendere Sanat, İstanbul, TR

Solo Shows
2024 A Fading Distance / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2020 Absence / Cermodern, Ankara, TR
2018 Placeholder / Subjectively Objective, Detroit, US
2016 Flashers On / Torun, Ankara, TR
2016 Placeholder / METU, Ankara, TR

Selected Group Shows
2024 Olimpos Sergileri 3: Enteriyör / Karaköy, İstanbul, TR
2022 Remedy for the Soul / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2022 Döngü / Gru Art Gallery, İzmir, TR
2022 Hits Different / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2022 Not Behind The Scenes / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2022 Maybe Later / Sığınak, Ankara, TR
2021 BASELECTED / Tophane-i Âmire, İstanbul, TR
2021 Temas Darağaç 6 / Umurbey Mahallesi, İzmir, TR
2021 TAYFA 35 / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2021 No Room for a Door / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2020 Akbank 38th Contemporary Artists / Akbank Sanat, İstanbul, TR
2020 Yol / Müze Evliyagil Art Oda, Ankara, TR
2019 Planetary Dysphoria / Generation and Display, London, UK
2019 Printed'19 Multiple Choice / Mixer Galeri, İstanbul, TR
2018 Akbank 36th Contemporary Artists / Akbank Sanat, İstanbul, TR
2018 Mixer Sessions III / Mixer Galeri, İstanbul, TR
2018 Mekan Atölye V / Cermodern, Ankara, TR
2018 Sweet Little Lies / Plato Sanat, İstanbul, TR
2017 BASE / Galata Rum Okulu, İstanbul, TR
2017 Mekan Atölye IV / Cermodern, Ankara, TR
2017 Urban Obscura / Siyah Beyaz Galeri, Ankara, TR
2017 Mamut Art Project / KüçükÇiftlik Park, İstanbul, TR
2016 Mekan Atölye III / Cermodern, Ankara, TR
2016 Locus Mahal / Versus Art Project, İstanbul, TR
2015 ODTÜ Sanat 16 / METU, Ankara, TR
2023 Doctor of Fine Arts / Gazi University, TR
2017 Master of Fine Arts / Gazi University, TR
2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts / Hacettepe University, TR
2011 Exchange Program / Saint-Luc Liège, BE

Art Fairs
2024 Photo London / Vision Art Platform, London, UK
2024 CI Bloom 3rd / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2023 CI 18th / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2022 CI 17th / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2022 CI Bloom 1st / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2021 CI 16th / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2021 CI 15th / Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR

Printed Matter
2018 Placeholder Monograph / Subjectively Objective, US

Awards & Shortlists

Features & Interviews