Short Bio
Mert Acar (b. 1989, Ankara) graduated from Hacettepe University Department of Graphics in 2012. He studied at Saint-Luc Liège École Supérieure des Arts as an exchange student during his BFA. Later he completed his MFA at Gazi University Department of Painting in 2017 and started his Proficiency in Art Program at the same institution. He resides in Ankara and works as a research assistant at AHBV (Gazi) University Department of Visual Arts.

His works include installations and photography through the spatiality of everyday life with a conceptual framework. The main subjects he focuses on are structures; roads, surfaces, landscapes which are parts of a maze formed by the combination of many spatial similarities where the traces of the local are erased, global and unidentified. Synthesizing different objects such as lighting elements, everyday items, lenticular prints and advertising sign structures with photographs, transforms his production process into an experimental way of thinking and working.
​​​​​​​Solo Shows
2020 Absence - Cermodern, Ankara, TR
2018 Placeholder - Subjectively Objective, Detroit, US
2016 Flashers On - Torun, Ankara, TR
2016 Placeholder - Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TR

Selected Group Shows
2021 BASELECTED - Tophane-i Âmire, İstanbul, TR
2021 Temas (Darağaç 6) - Umurbey Mahallesi, İzmir, TR
2021 TAYFA—35 - Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2021 No Room for a Door - Vision Art Platform, İstanbul, TR
2020 Akbank 38th Contemporary Artists Exhibiton - Akbank Sanat, İstanbul, TR
2020 Yol - Müze Evliyagil Art Oda, Ankara, TR
2019 Planetary Dysphoria - Generation and Display, London, UK
2019 Printed'19 Multiple Choice - Mixer Galeri, İstanbul, TR
2018 Akbank 36th Contemporary Artists Exhibition - Akbank Sanat, İstanbul, TR
2018 Mixer Sessions III - Mixer Galeri, İstanbul, TR
2018 Mekan Atölye V - Cermodern, Ankara, TR
2018 Sweet Little Lies - Plato Sanat, İstanbul, TR
2017 BASE - Galata Rum Okulu, İstanbul, TR
2017 Mekan Atölye IV - Cermodern, Ankara, TR
2017 Boşluk - Çankaya Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi, Ankara, TR
2017 Urban Obscura - Siyah Beyaz Galeri, Ankara, TR
2017 Mamut Art Project - KüçükÇiftlik Park, İstanbul, TR
2016 Mekan Atölye III - Cermodern, Ankara, TR
2016 Locus // Mahal - Versus Art Project, İstanbul, TR
2015 ODTÜ Sanat 16 - Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TR
Printed Matter
2018 Monthly Monograph Issue 9 - Subjectively Objective

Awards & Shortlists
2018 Chromaluxe X Lucie Foundation Fine Art Scholarship (Shortlist)
2017 International Photography Grant 2nd Edition (Nominee)
2016 International Photography Awards 2016 (Honorable Mention)

Features & Interviews
2019 Seen Magazine
2018 Warhola Mag
2018 Plato Sanat Blog

2014 Department of Visual Arts, Faculty of Art and Design, AHBV (Gazi) University, Ankara, TR